Ordered new rig --Ibuypower Chimera 4se

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Welp..I already bought upgrades for the rig ....8 more gigs of ram and I'm going with crossfire...so i'm adding another Powercolor Radeon R9 270x ...I got a saaaawwwweeet deal on another card for $100(it was used but from someone trust worthy) shipped and a pretty good deal on the ram $80 shipped...

Here were my individual grades

CPU mark: 9653
2d Graphics mark: 654
3d Graphics mark:4703
Memory Mark: 1436
Disk Mark: 3880

I did overclock the Gcard and reran Passmark..the GPU score increased to 4970.

Should have the new numbers by Monday...im hoping to break into the overall score of 4000+
Welp im at a loss here.....The computer is overclocked by Ibuypower...I installed the extra ram, yes its the same, yes it was docked right, yes it works(i put only the new ram in and it boots right up and everything works fine with just the new ram).

I have to change the settings in the BIOS to Default to get the computer to boot with all 4 RAM modules in to get the computer to run right which makes me loose the factory overclock. Not sure what the problem is. So right now I'm just back to the way I got it, except I'm now Crossfire with 2 R9 270X's.

I ran a 3dMark Benchmark and scored a 17017...but I haven't compared it with other scores yet so I am not sure how good of a score that is

I've done some fine tuning on this rig...I replaced the Corsair Vengeance 16GB 4x4GB modules( because this Board will not run the XMP profile at 1866MHZ with 4 RAM modules) with G.Skil Ripjaws 16GB 2x8GB now running at 1866. I've further overclocked my 2x Powercolor R9 270x's Crossfire to : Memory Clock 1500, Core Clock 1150 using MSI Afterburner, and Further overclock the CPU from 4.52GHZ to 4.72 GHZ and upped to BUS Speed from 200MHZ to 220MHZ

I'm playing everything on the highest settings with no problems so I have no complaints. It' funny though looking at other peoples setups. They are scoring ridiculously high, in the 75000's and It just makes me wonder how much you need to spend to get those numbers. I'm thinking at least $20,000 as they are running dual Intel 5960 processors and 64GB of DDR4 RAM and 4 way SLI Nvidia cards etc......

My PCMark Vantage 64 score: 17668


My Passmark scores as follows:3706 over all



it really is overkill for 99% of what i use it for.