I wanna be sedated
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wow thats pretty blunt
y not?

Goto the Members lounge and look at Asmallsols thread about buying a JDM engine, then follow the links to Honda-tech, and read all the ones those link to also. You will find that they are a shithole operation that has been scamming people by sending them known shit motors.


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A guy who is strandaded on a deserted island could do a better job importing engines. Basicly what they do is they sell shitty, shitty, shitty engines for cheap (thats if you get your engine) Do some searches here and Honda-tech. You will see that they are horrible. Stick with the tried and trusted like


they're decent if you GO there and pull compression tests and hand pick your motor...

if you just order online expect a big hunk of shit at your house in like 2 to 3 months...

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i have my motor on back order the guy is busting his as to get me one sooner but i picky and want the lsd


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Whatever you do don't buy from osaka, they blow monkey nuts.

I, and almost everyone else will recomend They have an awsome reputation.


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we seriously need to put this as a faq or something cause there are sooo many threads on this topic in the past couple months, learn to search guys...


lol, i agree about the FAQ, i know if you search for osaka you should find my post and that will keep you from buying from them...

my H22 arrived LATE, very late, and when i took the valve cover off it looked like someone melted a black candle under the valve cover, due to lack of oil changes i would imagine... wish i had pics...

so like i said before, if you're close enough to go to their shop in canada then i would say go for it... well, if you're close enough to ANY importer i would advise going to see the motor first hand before buying it...

other than that do your research
there are MANY threads regarding which importers are good, and if you search i'm sure by the end of the research you will be more than comfortable with which ever one you choose...

EDIT: and if time is on your side then see the post regarding the 20 foot container from japan, trying to get guys on board so i can go to japan and hand pick motors for everyone...


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:withstupid: ---ull be lucky if you get your motor, you have a better chance at winning the lottery than getting a good motor with them. I used to work at a shop- we were new, and ordered 5 B16's----4 were shit- they cleaned in the oil cap hole and we took the valve cover off and the cams were corroded and pitted,so we took off the head- cyclinder walls rust lines from where the engine sat and sat outside. 1 was ok, but the kid threw a rod through the block about a week and 1/2 later.

talk to steve---Hmotors online---he is the man...


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basicly osaka has fucked more people than Ron Jeremy



Thank you for your business.
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basicly osaka has fucked more people than Ron Jeremy



That's a LOT of people... :bo:


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Well Dude I recently drove 12 hours to get there and check it out.

I was ready to buy, talked to a fucktard @ osaka on the phone he says " yeah , we got the best "importing facility" ....
Took papa's tacoma down there, show up @ 5 am, check the place out. It's a fucken' whore house, half the building had burnt down, the entrance is full of oil and antifreeze, car parts on the floor up to the curb....
So I'm thinkin' the place should be clean inside right?
-While waiting I drive around the block, I find two other places that sell Jdm motors
>go to the first, duct tape on valve covers, two guys are packing a type R($5500.00) if I would get, I'd kill, all of this guys motors looked like ass....... plus this place didn't want to neg...
>Shop #2, clean, walk in two guys doin' a swap for an EF, sales shows me several very very clean B-series motors, i'm impressed right.. offers me headers + complete swap for the base price of the other with tax-in.
-I think about it, go back to osaka, it's like 9:30 am, doors are locked, I hafta knock, guy sticks his head out the door and yells "come back later" When I have over $3000.00 cdn in my pocket....... Fuck'em, I go back to #2 throw the skid in the yota, dump the cash.

Close friend of mine ordered an B16a Sir2, with lsd, same as mine a week before I got mine......... There's oil pissing out between the distributor and Vtec sensor, plus his tranny really doesn't sound healthy..... third is fucked......... Osaka told him "did it start? well that's the warranty" they hung up.....

Driving there or not, I wasn't impressed ........ Hmotors if your in the states