Overbore Or Std Bore

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I have an F23a1 that is turbocharged, I just ordered my custom pistons and the guy I spoke to teaches classes about building hondas so I assume he is smart when it comes to building honda's. He told me that I should go +0.020 bore since I lowered my compression but he says that this is still safe for the stock sleeve so it doesn't become too thin, what do you think, I can change my specs if I change them in the next few days. I am only going to run like 12-14 psi, and I have an AEM EMS so it will be tuned very well. What do you all think.
.020 is barely anything.......i think you'll be fine as long as you got a good valvetrain, internals, and especially with the AEM EMS.....12-14 pounds is quite heavy, i say about 12 is enough.
Well i am putting in Eagle rods and Wiseco pistons as for the head it will remain mostly stock for now but will also be eventually built up and Pnp.
As long as your bottom end is in great condition and your valvetrain is not so bad, you'll be fine.....check for valve clearance, any other valvetrain problems, because with one little problem, your motor can go really bad.....prepare to get some bullet proof axles too.....I gaurantee you'll break them....
Engine should be in very good shape, it only has 38,000 miles on it and I change the oil and filters every 2500 miles and its a lower reving engine too and I don't even go into boost most of the week, just weekends. You think stock axles won't be strong enough for about 250-300 whp? Also when I install the rods/pistons I'll check the valves and everything and throw in new pumps and belts.