p08 or p28?

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Ok got the motor, now need a ecu. What would be my best bet and what one will work better for the d15b vtec. My car is a 95 coupe dx, i'm put that motor in when i get the ecu and harness. let me know if u have for sale or can find one. ty much agian. KOV:cool:
You can get your P05/P06 or P28 converted to a "P08". I had just sold my P05(with VTEC conversion and socketing kit with a P08 basemap) about a two weeks ago for $60.
P28 just needs a socketing kit with a P08 map burned on there. A P05/P06 would need that socketing kit in addition with the VTEC conversion kit.
i was thinking the p28 would run it fine with no chipping, but you need to run a 4 wire 02 sensor
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so where are the conversions done, is it something we do ourselves or take to a shop. kov and i do not know how to solder so im sure thats something we will need to learn for this as well.
P28 just needs a socketing kit with a P08 map burned on there. A P05/P06 would need that socketing kit in addition with the VTEC conversion kit.

Dam I wish knew what the hell that all meant.. But ty much for the help. i'm kind of getting lost on all this, theres so much to do and not enough time or money..DAM..ty agian Kov.
Yes, it's just soldering. There's a couple of write-ups; just google it, or even Xenocron's website has a how-to. It's not really hard once you get the hang of it.

A P28 will run it fine but you have to run a 4-wire O2; if you don't it'll throw a code. If you get it chipped or socketed, you can disable the O2 heater which would get rid of that code.

It's literally a P08 chip inside of a P28.
Sweet ty man I will look into it more but i dont feel to confident about doing it myself so were going to try to find someone to do it for us i hope, if not we will sure give it a shot..So what tools will i need to do it my self? Thanks agian bro u rok the honda well..
They're hard to find, really. I have one, but I'm using it. :)
Also, chipping/socketing is good for if you're going to get a tune in the future....why not already chip the ECU you already have for like $40-50.

You could send your ECU to Xenocron and they'll do it for you, just not sure how much they charge.
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why cant you just get a stock d15b ecu?

It may be cheaper, to just get a common P06 ecu thats laying around and chip it up than to actually find the P08 (D15B) ecu. this is actually not a bad idea considering i have about 3 or 4 P06 ecu's laying around and I need a vtec ecu for my ex. Yes i could just buy the p28 ecu and install it and be done with it. Or I can get a better mapped ecu and install some nice hondata parts while im in there. :cool:
I just bout a stock p08 just to make it easyer on us. Its was spendy but I had the cahs and wanted to do it right and well the first time. 142$ :( I have spent now on the hole swap 1100$ and I know it will be around 2k for the hole thing being done and runing right but i'm doing most of the labor so its going to be alot cheeper in the long run.Woot
I spent a total of $1,040 shipped on my swap that was engine, tranny, ecu. But I got free oil and coolant, that's really all you need for this swap man you shouldn't need fuckin $2,000.

Unless you're replacing the parts I recommended and a tune-up that is.
oil, coolant and a tune up shouldnt run about 2k.. but if he's replacing cv axles and other parts that are giving codes, as well as fan not turning on, then add in the engine and everything. yeah. 2k sounds about right.

remember. hes doing it right. no wiring the fan up to where you turn the car on, the fan is on. ;)
I'm cleaning every part that i'm takeing off of the old motor and new motor, almost every part. I was told by my dad to, for the fact that a clean motor and clean parts will last alot longer and keep this motor in awesome shape for years to come. 2k was a rough estimate I will be spending more on a new things. I'm cutting off my fartcan and putting on a stock Si muf, if i can find one, also I bout some new seat for my car and going to get new stiffer mounts for the motor and tranny. To much to list right now, but will have a list after i'm all done for you guys..Peace Kov
Energy Suspension engine mount inserts ftw. I paid 40 dollars for my set, they insert to the mounts that receive the most amount of torque. passanger lower, driver lower, and rear mount. I also have a set in my shifter rods, makes it feel stiffer and more of solid shift.
d15b info

is there a post that list all the info for doing a swap like this? i'm sure there is but have no idea how to find it. if anyone knows of such a thread i would be happy to click on the link if provided :)
p08 ecu and p28 ecu are pretty much the same except p08 runs a one wire o2, and p28 runs a 4 wire