Painted my car.

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Been a while since I posted but oh well.






It's a different shade of red but oh well, and I painted the H's red because I thought it looked good. looks alot better don't it? :p


di dyou repaint it and get hit again? or did you paint over the dents?


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It got side swiped, I only painted the rear bumper part. I haven't worked on the door yet because I need to get a new side strip thing from a junkyard or something, and maybe some rims if their are some in there that will fit my car >.>

But the bumper I bolted up, painted, and painted the H in the hubcap. That is it.


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Actually, I was just gonna bang it out. No point trying to make it all fancy just yet. Everyone keeps telling me "Don't put any money into that car, just drive it until you can afford what you want." and I am like >.> whatever.


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Looks a lot better imo bro!! Good job. I personally would clean the overspray off of that black trim piece though. Some gasoline on a rag would probably take it right off. Just remember the more ya paint and practice the better you'll get!!
Once again, looks much better. :D