parking brake cable

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my buddy came to me with his 2000 accord n he has a broken parking brake cable ! I don't kno how it happened so don't ask . I'm familiar with engines rotors pad n shoes but not replacin a parking brake cable . I need to know wat this job requires n where I'm gonna have to run this cable since the moron yanked the old one out ! Wat tools ? How difficult is it ? And how long does it usually take ? Any info is appreciated ! Thanks guys !
not sure on specifics but should be pretty easy the cables bolt up to the e brake handle under the plastics then runs under the car to a point where it splits into 2 then 1 goes to left 1 goes to the right side shouldnt be hard at all
Yeah like 88 Hatch said, it is a simple setup. Start in the cabin and disassemble the console down to the floor of the car. There are 10mm bolts anchoring the cable on that end, then down at the rear brakes you will have to pull some retainer clips and maybe a couple of bolts depending on whether its an LX or EX (disc or drum). First expose the entire cable path and be sure it's not a case of just the short cable breaking- I am almost certain there are three cables (it's been awhile since I stripped an accord down, but I kinda have the idea I think). Basically from the lever back a few inches there is one cable- that cable goes into a block that pulls on two separate cables. You should be able to replace just one cable at a time, unless the 2000 is drastically different than the 94-97.