Parts For Itr Swap...

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Alright, my mechanic came over today (a month before project date) and we compiled a list of stuff that we're going to need to do the swap. We're leaving it OBD1, with my stock ECU rechipped.

This is the list of stuff that I'm currently looking for, if there is one place that you know of that I can get the majority of it, that'd be great. I already know where I'm going to purchase the items with the * next to it.

ACT Clutch - 6 Puck, HD pressure plate, metallic, no springs
*Skunk2 Exhaust for del Sol
*AEM CAI for Type R
*Fluidyne radiator for 94-95 GSR
*Motor mount inserts/bushings
*O2 Sensor for SOHC del Sol (Honda dealership)
ITR Throttle cable
ITR Dip stick (lost this somehow)
Lower Radiator hose from a GSR

These things I need from a DOHC del Sol:
Power steering bracket
Shift linkage
Motor/Trans Mounts
Gauge Cluster

All the stuff without the * next to it I'm still looking for, if you have these items or know where a good place to get them is then please email me

Thanks, DSmiley
axles from driveshaft shop, motor mounts and everything else from a junkyard, or you could buy new from honda.

i know of a few places that sell used parts, including a place in north carolina called k&sons. 1-910-642-4219
Originally posted by bigdsol@Jan 14 2003, 08:16 PM
ACT Clutch - 6 Puck, HD pressure plate, metallic, no springs

i would highly suggest against the unsprung clutch.... they engage very harshly and it is easy to destroy a transmission with one (i have seen it happen several times) go with the 6 puck if you want but get the sprung one... ITR trannys are too fuckin expensive to be replacing every 12-15K miles
I think it'll be fine as long as I don't dump the clutch at 8k sitting still.
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Jan 15 2003, 11:24 PM
ITR tranny = $1500-$1700

ITR tranny new from Honda is 2700 euros which is a little more than 2700 USD. :eek: