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accord tuner

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:blink: Anyone out there can tell me where i can buy some super cheap headers for my H22?(cheap as is 250 bucks and under) also does anyone know where to get 5speed parts for a 94-95 accord? website?junkyard phone number? or hell if you got any of these parts and wanna sell holla at me. Clutch Kit and bolts
Clutch Master Cylinder
Clutch Slave Cylinder
Hydrolic Lines
Clutch Pedal Assembly
Brake Pedal Assembly
Shifter Assembly
Shift linkage
5speed ECU (97and+ h22motor)
5spd Intermediate shaft (half-shaft)
If you want a cheap header (not headers), try Ebay.

Definitely try ebay, I just bought a downpipe for my H22a for $10.50, stock, but I needed it. For all of you that don't ebay a whole lot, my ex girlfriend showed me how to ebay like a champ. I get all sorts of pissed off when you search for an engine, and you end up looking at wholesale lists, and xenon bulbs. :blink:
So this is how you do it:
If you are searching for one particular item, just put that in. Ex. F22A1. But some people put auctions up with different names, but Ebay is specific. One letter off, and you won't see what your searching for. If you want to broaden your search, try something like this, and use the parenthesis..... (f22,f22a,f22a1,f22a4,f2a6,f22b,f22b1) and so on. If any one of the things you listed between the commas is in an auction, it'll come up in your results. You can use this method with more than one set of things to look for. For example, you are looking for a wire harness for an H22. You would go (h22,h22a,h22a1,prelude,vtec,v-tec,obd1,obd2) (wires,harness,wiring,etc.)
I'm sure you get the point. This also works for things you don't wanna see. Just put a minus in front like this. -(kit,list,wholesale,xenon,civic,etc.) I don't know if anyone cares, but this is really helpful when you need to find something, and I'm trying to give back to the forum that helps others. B)