Passing Smog in Cali?


Ok, I have a B18b swap with a Greddy turbo. The engine is a USDM LS engine and it's the same year as my car(1999). I live in Cali and I'm up for a smog check this year and I know that I'm not going to pass. I can smell the fumes coming out of my exhaust.

I'm running an OBD I LS ecu with the Greddy blue box for fuel management.

What can I do to pass? Am I screwed? :unsure: I read somewhere on here that I can add something to my fuel tank when it's half empty. I forget what it was. Will that help? Does anybody know anything about this?

I don't know any shops around Northern Cali that can hook me up. Can anyone recommend one that will hook me up if I slip him a bill?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.


Originally posted by NotUrAverage_Si@Mar 31 2004, 06:12 PM
no one up there can hook you up? damn I know a grip of places down here in So. Cal.

Well, I haven't looked around yet. That's why I'm asking now. This will be my first time smogging the car.