PG7 ecu in 88 hb

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i am doin a mini me swap and i have everything pretty much done and wired (ecu harness,injectors,resistor,sensors) and i read that i could swap in a crx si or 88' 89' teg ecu, so i got the PG7 (88'89' teg) ecu and i was wonderin if anybody heard of this bad or good. i know its goin to be running a little rich. how should i tune it (cam gear, fuel pressure regulator,etc...) its a Z6 head in an 88 civic hb. any input would help thanx.
Just wire it up for the p28 which is the ecu for the z6. I used the pg7 on my z6 swap and it ran like shit.
i haven't been able to find anything on how to wire it for the p28 besides cutting all the connectors and re-wiring the p28 connectors and even then i can't find a p28 with the connectors, also i was goin by a website and i followed that and my wires are all hooked up to run a pg7. is there n e thing i can do to make it not run like shit besides the p28 if i can i would go with that. also is 11:1 bad on my motor, i know if i turbo it i can blow the shit outta it but how about for daily driven occasional racing? thanks
If you are planning on going trubo, then get a zdyne one wire conversion. Its like the Hondata but for non obd ecus. Also you can buy a harness from lelopez on so you don't have to reiwre the ecu plugs.