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anyone know of some good sites for tutorials on php , i started php in school and im trying to make a site with a shopping cart for class. havent found any good sites on this and was hoping some of you would know some. sorry this has nothing to do with cars. thanks
a shopping cart might be a bit more complex .. if you pass ALL the variables in each link, then you don't have to worry too much ..

but the smart way is to sessions or cookies.. but sessions are the coolest.

Anyhow .. <-- read, learn.
damn i was told it was really hard, im going to try and learn it though. thanks for the site. i have to learn at such an accelerated pace at my school that i think at the end of the 2 month class i can do it. 40 hrs a week 2 classes. tough school ,fullsail if you havent heard of it.
the language itself is VERY easy. IMO, its the easiest language to learn that I know... way easier than ASP, way easier than C++, dont even get me started on Cobol :P

in case you guys don't know- i coded all of hondaswap in php. all the reference section is all database- all the articles and so on.

sessions is the ONLY way to make a cart. cookies are worthless when you have sensitive data. a machine might not accept a cookie, and so on.

the best way to make it happen- is to make a session table in the DB. when a user puts stuff in it, it will hold to their session ID.
the TRICKY part is getting it to work without having the customer login first. If its a repeast customer, and a cookie re-logs them in- cake. but when you have 5 guests browsing the shopping area and adding things to the cart, shit gets messed up sometimes.
another problem i faced was if a gust put stuff into the cart, and then went to login or register- by gettting a new session id for being logged in, it cleared the cart.

its not as easy as it sounds.
well, u set session expirey times .. they will keep a "customer" (or session id) active for a certain amount of time.

PHP is definitely the easiest language I learned .. and moreover, PHP has a million different prebuilt function calls.. so it's even easier.

NNOWWW try building a shopping system in Perl. Yes, that'd be a death defying trick ;)

But wait .. c++ shopping system .. lol. That'd be funny. Sockets are no fun.
great i start asp and java next week, pissedoffsol is web media your job or just fun for you?, im curious on the job market for those of you who are out there in it. i grad in a few months and im still looking for jobs. thanks again guys i know its not car shit but i figured some of you do this. is a great site to help you to get the idea of whatever you want to learn. i use it a lot. i just finished a cart in asp using server-side javascript (not vbscript). i used cookies, i know it's half-assed, but i was just tryin' to get it done as quickly as possible and it's only temporary.
i wish.
im doing networking for the most part right now. there aint shit for web jobs unless you know .net and db2 and java JEE2 bullshit...
ive NEVER seen a php job yet. but- it will happen. linux is upand coming... people will soon realize that windows blows
no jobs in orlando for design or anything sucks, im going to keep looking and i better learn some more things to make myself more marketable. thanks guys.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 18 2003, 11:41 PM
perl is bad, mmmmk

nto to mention its slow as shit.

cgi = hello and welcome to 1999

CGI is "1999", but its not as slow as you claim. You can set the time for the data. Like, i know a cgi board that is set 1 second. Its as fast as this board, and it dont have this shit that happens when you leave here and come back and all the topics on the forums index is all the shit you seen WAY back. You have to hold shift+refresh for the board to update.
its 10-20 times slower than asp, php, or cfm. its proven to be so.
why? everytime it gets called, it re-writes an html page.

not only does it take a long time to process- it reaks havok on the server. Defrag gets nuts really fast on a large site.
ok, after readin' a bit about sessions, i just re-wrote my cart to use sessions instead of cookies. i might have missed something, because it seemed pretty simple, but it seems to work just fine. i just replaced all the "request.cookies('variable')" with "Session('variable')". if i did something wrong, somebody please let me know, i'll give you a link to the cart as soon as i get it online.
Dude, don't joke Perl. It was THE language. It's still up there.

You can do anything in Perl. (heck, PHP stole the regex stuff from Perl)

Seriously, ANYTHING.

Not many languages can brag about that.