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dude.... what do you say to a girl like that?.. you know .. you're at a party.. everyone is drinking and some lame guy is doing party tricks and she breaks out with the snake through the nose.. what do you do? Do you take her home? Look mah!!! Snake through nose!! :D shiet.. I couldn't try that.... well, depends on the cash involved...
Originally posted by TrailorParkPimp@Feb 1 2003, 11:35 PM
id run..i hate snakes. it dont matter if they dead or alive, i hate the damn things.

im right behind ya man! lets bounce
Originally posted by obd1 kenobi@Feb 2 2003, 01:00 AM
I can do snake in nose trick. You give me green card.

haha, green card.

Are you REALLY sure it's worth it? You can never go back... to having a virgin nose!
if she can do that with her nose imagine what she can do with her snatch!! oops im drunks so nobody listen to me. hehehe