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700-nude women!

This post reminds me of much I love to watch womens figure skating! Good thing my boss had his back turned...this definately needs a work warning!
I'd :hitit: all. Damn why did i not know of this 700 naked women? I would have helped protested against the war

Is that red head the chick for will and Grace.
the red does look like the girl from will and grace.....id hit then all....at the same time lmao :D
much better than the one "pic of the day" with the naked old man jumping over the cricket goal or what ever they have in cricket
two decent girls touching each other is fucking awesome. hands down the biggest turn-on y0.
I would have to say one good looking girl touching me would be the biggest turn on; and that redhead looks pregnant
Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Feb 12 2003, 05:43 PM
the two girls touching each other reminds me of the t.a.t.u. video i saw the other day

possibly cuz it is them
hehe ;)
:hitit: definitely. I don't think that she is from will and grace dude. the one in the show doesn't look like she's pregnate. or however you spell it. Yea dude, it's definitely a turn on seeing girls touch each other.
Originally posted by 88civicHBz6@Feb 14 2003, 08:56 AM
dude those two girls are from T.A.T.U. i just downloaded some of their videos

Ohhhhhh... that's the Russian teenage lesbian pop duo, right?