Pics From Drift Showoff At Irwindale, Ca

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god damn i woulda killed to see that. why didnt you tell me it was going on?
was this in so cali and sponsored by mainstream or whoever they call themselves?
if so i saw that nissan sitting in their warehouse a few weeks ago....

clean as hell

no need to quote the pics dude.
hey rixXxceboy, did you see my friend paul's Injen EG? i heard he won the show for JDM class... its the turbo GSR EG with huge fount mount

also did you see the signal cars crash? someone told me they crashed... and also did you see a JDM 99 prelude [kinda golden color... ]

heres the pic of my friend prelude

i dont have a pic of pauls EG, but im pretty sure you saw it, if i can find one then i'll post it

one last thing, did you check out the belle 1 racing communications booth, they they were supposed to have a booth that day, the owners of that company dont live far from me hehe

glad you enjoyed the event, wish i could have made it but im on broke status :p
Originally posted by Zerosk8r455@Mar 3 2003, 09:22 PM
:::stabs jason repeatedly::: that's a beautiful car... :hitit:

lol you wanna have sex with my car? whoa?!?! j/p

thanks for the compliments though :)
i wish i had some friends with fast cars.. i have the fastest car outta my closest friends(stock, nearly, 90 accord) can take friends v6 camero(92) and my otehr friends 94 toyota 4x4( :p ) with out even trying..*just a few examples*

Ha that was the place where the 2 people had a huge model air intake and it look like ha huge cock. I will try to find the pic in an old thread
Originally posted by rixXxceboy@Mar 5 2003, 05:44 AM
some samples from my imagestation gallery:

Linking to smaller pics is a good thing. :eek: