Pictures Of My Civic

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I'm just about that action Boss.
yeah, dont' turn it ghett0 like mine. dump an engine in and dont' tell anyone what you got, just roast em.


Senior Member
Thanks Teg,

I definitely need to get those mudflaps off and I won't Ghetto it in anyway shape or form. Since that F#$Ker tried to take the emblems off my car I am thinking of removing them completely and filling in any holes behind them and making appear to not have any. I know it's a Honda so why should I put some freakin emblems on it that people want to steal...I hate thieves.


that would be called shaving...hehe. and i would weld the holes shut, not just bondo over em. make sure before u have em welded up that you sand around the holes area to bare metal so u will get a good weld and that you remove any paint thats inside the holes too. make sure u weld the holes shut before rust forms :)