Pilot bearing for Fidanza flywheel...

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So I bought an 89 exedy clutch kit with the 7 lb. fidanza flywheel off of ebay, and when I tried to put it on my car I realized the pilot bearing is too big for the fidanza flywheel... So I was just wondering if any of you have run into the same problem and what you would suggest...
probably a stupid question.. but you know you have to put the pilot bearing in before you bolt the flywheel to the crank right? it goes in from the backside of the flywheel.
I'm aware of that... lol! But it still didn't fit... :( Maybe I just got a flywheel that they didn't get done machining... :( The problem is that I got it a while back and am just getting it installed, so the warranty has already run out. :( Do you think I could get a machine shop to fix it? Because besides that it bolts up fine and everything...
have you tried contacting Fidanza themselves and asking them.. i'm sure someone there would know
call 440-259-5656 ext. 3
Same problem here. The pilot bearing is too big for the fidanza flywheel. I used my dremel tool to make the hole slightly bigger and it worked. the pilot bearing goes in now. I also noticed that the pilot bearing goes in on the backside of this flywheel, and this flywheel uses 9 pressure plate bolts instead of 6:huh: I have had it with these aftermarket parts that dont fit right:mad: