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I want to up the compression on my d16y7 to 10.5:1, when i change my pistons do i need new connecting rods?

Also is it even worth spending the money to up the compression and add a high performance cam?


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please only post questions 1 (one) time in 1 (one) forum

to answer your question no its really not worth spending money on a D series... it will cost you far less to get speed/power out of a B or H series engine


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high compression pistons have quite a large effect on horse power. In fact, thats how OEMs make higher output engine (higher compression is the primary difference in a JDM motor). Run like 11.1 in your d-series or 11.5 if your brave and you should gain close to 20 HP. You should deffinately change the rods (or get them shot-peened) as there not built to take the abuse you plan on putting it through.