Please confirm if this is the thermostat bypass hose

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Hey everyone.

I have a '93 del Sol Si with a JDM GSR swap. I noticed a subtle smell of coolant in the cab when driving. When I looked under the hood I saw a tiny spray of coolant coming from pin-hole in the small hose that attaches from the thermostat housing to the passenger side of the intake manifold (using a Skunk2 GSR IM). I believe that it's called the thermostat bypass hose.

Can anyone confirm this? I've attached a picture.



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You may just want to pull the hose and go to the parts store and ask them to look at their selection of hoses. Get one the same ID and with an alike bend and cut to size.
I can confirm that it is the thermostat bypass hose.

Went to the dealership and ordered the part: 19508-P72-000

I installed it yesterday.