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ok, here's the deal... my girlfriend just bought a 94 honda civic ex automatic. one morning i went out to start it and when i turned the key, the motor went to start but then bogged right down. so i waited a second, and tried again only to find out that the motor seems like it is turning at half speed. very very slow turn over... so i proceeded to check timing to see if the timing belt jumped. but the timing was perfect. so i went and bought a new starter did the same exact thing. so then i tried the battery out of my crx... same thing. its getting fire and gas. i have never heard of a thing like this... any help would be greatly appreciated...
yeah i would try new plugs and/or wires, but that sounds similar to what happened when my timing belt jumped. I would definately try new plugs anyways they are cheap and a good place to start.
i had a similer problems... might wanna check your ignition relay, or take it to a honda dealer to get it diagnosed ratehr then a wild goose chase lie this
According to haynes the firing order for a civic ex 1.6 is 1-3-4-2. If I can find it in helms I'll let you know.
If it's one of those cases of worked one day - did nothing to it and it didn't work the next I'd check the distributor and/or timing belt. A plugged cat convertor is a possibility as well. Maybe run a couple of new temp grounds from the battery to block, tranny, etc...