Port And Polish Question

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i ordered a new head to port and polish and i was wondering if i just want to smooth out the rough spots would i see much of a gain or would i have to make the ports bigger also i know i really had to hog out the ones on my 82 z28 to get good performance but will i gain hp just by smoothing them out?
yup. It allows more air/fuel/exhaust to travel through the head a little bit smoother. Of course, it won't do anything if you only port/polish the head, you need to port/polish the intake and exhaust to match it. It is rather easy, but no, you won't notice any HUGE hp increase, just helps out with overall flow.
i just talking about smoothing it out not really porting it so i guess not port and polishing it but just polishing it so would that give very good gains i am getting a skunk 2 intake manifold when they release them so i would be polishing that also when i get it and i am getting a dc sports header also which will be done when i get it
on a honda big ports are lazey ports just a boul port is the best just below the valve seats you will see a ridge take this off and a for port matching dont use the gaskets as a guide they are not accurate
As I was explained one night, polishing will give you roughly 2-3hp, depending on the job. All it does it make it smooth, takes VERY little of the surface off. I think a stage 1(stage 1 pnp various between shops and what they charge for packages and if they even have packages) port n polish job will show good gains.
Codee- that was a really rough guess... of course your gains for a polish job will be proprtional compared to other mods you have in your engine, and your displacement as well. What I was trying to say was that a home-brew polish job would show slight gains, but not anything mind-blowing.

read there about porting and polishing...

the old one says that honda ports are generously large from the factory and polishing is more effective, but you need to pay the most attention to the valve seats and to make sure there is a large enough radius to allow the air to travel without turbulence into the combustion chamber