Possible Cracked Block

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I hate to break it to ya homie, but your block is crizzity crizacked, broken, done, start saving for a new one. Check it out home boy, fill up your radiator, and then take off the radiator cap. Start your ride and let it warm up, now look in the radiator and see if bubbles are rising to the top, if so your block is cracked, also check to see how much moisture is coming out of the exhaust. If it's quite a bit that's another sign of a cracked block. If yo shit leaves a lil puddle of water either in the muffler tip , or on the ground off of the muffler, it's not looking good for ya bro, I hate to break it to ya.
:p well it could also be the head gasket, so dont leave that out of the possibilities =), check the oil dipstick for and water (coolant).
Well what ever the problem was, it's the least of my worries now. I spun a bearing do to a lil water in the oil before I fixed my head gasket and now the motor is done. So, I'm getting a 30,000 mile JDM H22. Hell yeah.
There's one good way to tell in this situation.

If you have a cracked head you probably have watery oil.

If you have a cracked block you probably have oily water.

I have oily water in my mustang, the whole engine is being ripped apart as we speak beacause of this issue. Everyone I talked to said it was a cracked head, but it is for sure not a cracked head (trust me, this has been over a year long process trying to figure out the problem.)