Possible stereo setup in my '92 Accord EX

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i just recently bought a '92 accord with 210,000 on it from my g/f's brother. it's in good shape and drives awesome for it's age and i was planning to use it to drive back and forth to school. ya know, the daily driver type thing.

so here's what i was planning to do. i checked out the speakers and from what i could tell, there are 6x9's in the rear and 6.5's in the door panels.

Pioneer DEH-P7700MP (27wattsx4)=$206.98 shipped from etronics
3-way Pioneer TS-A6971R (6x9)=$65.44 shipped from etronics
3-way Pioneer TS-A1671R (6.5")=$59.34 shipped from etronics

Total of $331.76 (from crutchfield, this would have cost me around $600!)

I think this would be a pretty nice setup since i'll be driving this car so much. does anyone have any experience with these speakers or headunit? any other suggestions?

also, i might put my 10" jl audio sub in the trunk to round it off. i also have a sony 10 disc cd changer i put in it while my g/f was driving it. should be a nicely rounded setup. anyone else think so or have any other ideas? :D


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yeah, i liked the way the headunit looked and it was the most powerful i saw out of the crutchfield magazine with 27 watts per channel. it also plays mp3s, wmas, etc.

i considered some alpine type-r speakers but they were only 2way's and i kinda wanted some 3ways b/c i'm not sure it i want to put my sub in the back. plus the pioneers are cheaper and i think they will be satisfactory especially being pushed with so much power.

did you have anything else in mind?


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I do like that deck.
most of the decks I have had have been pioneer, so I am partial to pioneer decks, I never had problems with them.
I would do the pioneer deck