possible swaps for 88-91 prelude?

i like the oldschool preludes, there's quite a few for sale where i live, but the engines have lots of miles on them. What are the possible engine swaps available that wont take serious modifications?


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Check out placeracing.com, I believe they have an H22 kit for that year prelude. But to be honest Place Racing is not known for their quality parts and it would not surprise me, if there site was still under development, which it has been for the last 2 years. Also ludespeed.com stopped making turbo kits and b16 conversions, however they will make them if you get a group buy going. Personally it is a tuff car to get a lot of horse power out of, mainly it does not have a great rod/stroke ratio, and the motor sits real funny in the car. There is a major lack of after market for the car, and there are a lot of other types of hondas out there that are much easily modded.