power steering problems


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Ok, i have a 99 grand am gt, the power steering on it has been fucking up, this is what happends. If i am driving under 10 mph or so, it is hard as hell to turn, like the power steering is out, or it also seems as if when i hit the breaks and try to turn it does the same thing, the only way i can get the power steering to come back into play is when i accelerate, or hit the gas in anyway. I have already checked the power steering fluid, its fine. Also, i had the power steering pump replaced about 4 months ago. Any ideas?


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Bah, nonsense. You aren't a man if you rely on power steering. Oh yeah, you also have to wrestle bears and chop down trees and stuff, too.


nah, the GA doesnt have a vacuum assist power steering.

if the belt was loose, the system would make all sorts of groaning sounds. seems more like the pump is going.

<~~ mom had a 98 GA GT. fucking shitty car if you tell me.


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Yeah, its the second time this piece of shit has happened to me, im just going to take it to the shop that put in the last power steering pump for me, and have them fuck with it. Since i do have a warrenty on the previous pump. Anyway, thanks for the help..