Pr4 Ecu Head And Ininjectors On B20

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I need to know if i can use the OBD 0 ECU in my 5th gen hatch when i get my b20 swap in. I can get a B18a Head, ECU, and intake mani, and injectors for around $150. i want to know if i can put this head on a b20b block. will i need a different ECU, can i use the stock one from my 5th gen(non-VTEC), or can i get one reprogrammed? thanks a lot.


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I don't know my Civic Gens at all. But if by 5th gen you mean 92-95 then you will need an OBD1 ECU. You can get one reprogrammed. I wouldn't use your stock one. I have an OBD1 LS ECU for sale, if you want it make me an offer.