Preferential Treatmen of Police Officer

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That is a huge crock of shit. I really hope the family demands a offical third party investigation into that department. I cant belive a judge and a DA would sit there and let that shit slide. I get pissed when cops let other cops off for speeding. Hell my girlfiend has a friend that gets let off all the damn time for speeding just becaus his dad is a Stater. Another guy I know got out of a DUI becaus his dad knows the judge that he was supposed to go before. Fuckin gay.


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 10 2005, 03:58 PM
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I was waiting for the "reason 432187923 why Cali sucks" comment. <_<

Sadly, this is typical in California and probably anywhere else you go in the states. How often do you see police officers with no blue and red lights on, making illegal turns, running reds, speeding and doing whatever the fuck they want? They have total fucking imunity.

This story makes me sick and it's just one more reason to move to fucking Canada. :ph34r:


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Yeah i agree. Cops have gotten out of hand in the past couple of years. You hear stories of cops getting preferential treatment all the time nowdays. ITs bullshit and it needs to be adressed.