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i have looked at this page for the last few months.....nothing, no info for prelude owners. coming coming coming for the past three months that is all i get coming going going gone.
most admins here are B-men, so their guna finish the B series info before they the start on the H-series(probably)
What exactly are you asking? Have you posted questions here before? There are a few H guys around here (including myself).
Torn between H power and B parts available. Gotta make up my mind soon too. ;)
well i am new as of yesterday, so i haven't posted many questions or anything. as for what i want to swap in, my lude is an si so it is not v-tec and it has 157k miles on it so i don't think it could handle a turbo right now. i don't know if i should go with a rebuild of my motor and then add a turbo or save some extra cash and put together a h22.

it would be nice if there was some info already posted thats all i sayn
lets say i have 5k$, and a 157k h23. work on my motor or get an h22?
i'd rebuild it if you can afford the down time.

sleeves, pistons rods.

$5000 easily spent, and you're car will fly