problems with vtec in 96 hb with b16a1 swap

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I recently did a swap into my 96 hatch. I got a b61a1 with a b18b tranny and a p72 ecu from a gsr in it. Car runs ok, but the vtec seems to be kicking in around 4500 rpms rather than 5500 rpms. Has anyone had this problem ever or is it even a problem with the engine or one of the components? Would putting in a vtec controller fix the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated
That is without a doubt the absolute WORST combination I have ever heard of.

OBD 0 motor in OBD II car, long geared tranny on said OBD 0 motor, and a ECU that not only has incorrect fuel maps, but is looking for an IAB signal, which it isn't getting.
i realize that its a horrbile swap, but is there anyway I can fix the problem at this point? Would a vafc or a different ecu fix the problem?
You could try a VAFC, it would allow you to move the vtec to the right place, but you'd do better at least getting the right ECU.
OBD II ECU from a 96-98 SiR. Email Hmotorsonline or to see if they have one.