Proof of Honda's continuing decline.

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Havent made a thread in awhile, saw this video the other day, its pretty sweet. Top Gear is awesome and when they do their reviews they can get pretty convincing. Proof that newer......isn't always better. This one in Honda's case.

I still think after the Integra line was dropped they have gone down hill. The RSX is just its own thing now. This vid makes me want the 01-05 Civic Si (SiR).

YouTube - Type R vs Type R


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As a car though ? It's gotta be nice to own. There is "Quality of Ownership" that should be taken into account here. I can do way more with $5000 and a 3rd gen Civic than I could buying a $10,000 EP3 - as far as performance. But the EP3 would be WAY better to actually own.

I noticed this hatch is a 3 door. I thought the new gens were 5 doors.

Also, as far as being newer and thus automatically faster: Allow me to interject:



This is just one such example I've come to learn. And as far as I'm concerned, all of the Civics have been performing less and less as time goes on. And while I'm on my soapbox, a 1979-1982-1986.5-1992 Supras, in N/A, all perform the exact same.


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Same with the new STi and EVO. Both of them were about 1-3sec slower around Tsukuba than their predecessor.

I'm assuming Nissan are one of the only ones building something faster? ie: Sentra SE-R's, the GT-R/GTRs, and the Fairladys.
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I can see his point, and I love Top Gear... but honestly, how many kids buying these Type Rs can even remotely push EITHER of those cars to their limits?

I thought so.

It'll be a great car for anyone buying it, because on the streets they'll never get to the point of falling into its massive understeer.


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Can't forget grassroots motor sports or even general touring car racing.

In other words; Honda is just selling the badge.


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honda is dieing??? they are putting out bland uninspiring overweight vehicles with cheap crappy suspension and mediocre brakes that arent really any fun to drive????

where have i heard this before :hmm:

oh yeah thats right ive been saying it for YEARS


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"even if you are a teenager used to sleeping on floors and getting stabbed"

BAHAHA, where does he come up with this stuff?


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I bet you that guy is a riot with a couple tall ones in him...


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after going from a 98HX coupe to an 05 chevy cobalt Ecotec, I definatly understand what he means by going from an independent rear suspension to one of those axles, I almost killed myself a few times in it those first couple of weeks.

even though the cobalt would have annhilated my civic in a drag race, the only thing about it better than my civic is that it was blue.

...and the new type-R loses the drag race too.


IMO, 2001 was the last good honda/acura built.


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Imo 2005-2006 acura rsx-s they got it right. If you've driven one you'll understand this.


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damn if i had either of those cars id be afraid to drive anywhere thinking somethings gonna happen to it, im happy with beating on my 95 haha.