Prothane Motor Mount Inserts

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Quick question. Has anyone used these on their civic and if so how long do they take to install. I was told anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Can I install them easily enough myself with basic tools? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
I had a set of mount inserts put into my 96 hatch. You should have jackstands, basic 1/2" socket set (10-21mm) [3/8" drive might not be strong enough to remove some bolts, or you might be able to get away with the 3/8" if you have a 1/2" breaker bar], floor jack. an impact wrench/socket set will make things much easier of course.

i bought the inserts because i heard that it helps reduce wheel-hop, which should translate into better take-offs. My experience is that , yes , it helped reduce wheel-hop, but doesn't totally eliminate it; wheel-hop is still present when dropping the clutch at high rpm (5k +) [or maybe i just need to upgrade my suspension]. one side effect to consider: noticeablly (?) more buzzing/vibration from the engine. Make sure you have a very good cd deck with shock protection.

Overall, I am pleased with the inserts. I like the feel of the engine in my hands, take offs are better, and less hop means longer life for the halfshafts/axles.
Sorry, forgot to say that I had a friend help me out, we did it in about 4 hrs. But we're not pro mechanics. It wasn't too difficult: on scale of 1-10 (1=oil change, 5=valve adjustment, 10=tranny work) id put it at about a 6. Like I said though, I'm not a mechanic by trade, you might find it easier.
yea, exactly what sabi said. I had the mounts on my 99 si and i loved it. If you don't mind the vibration that you will get, especially in the steering wheel. The car pulls more because the engine is no longer moving when it is under high revs because of the mounts. The mounts are worth it definately. took around 2-3 hours to do, peace!
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Feb 5 2003, 06:42 PM
I've got some pictures of when I installed some Energy Suspension motor mounts if you want. email me

just link them [ IMG] address here [/IMG ] remove the spaces and you have a pic. Don't have it uploaded to the internet, no problem, Go to the gallery is now open and follow the directions.
I installed these in my 91 CRX. I was very impressed. It took me about 2 hours. All you need to do is support your engine from the bottom, and pull one mount at a time off. Insert the mounts. Put them back on. No special tools required.