Putting A Turbo On My Stock 89' Hf?

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im putting a t25 on my crx but ill most likely be using most of the turbo setup from a turbo saab and i was wondering if it will run right or will i need to do any special work on it???? any inquires will be much appreciated .....thnx all. ;)
well considering you say hf, and your name says b18, im guessing its a stock hf, and if so, why in gods name would you want to anything but throw that engine and tranny in the river? i mean, im sure you could get it to work, but why would you want to use the stock turbo off a saab? hell a stock turbo period. i cant remember what it is, something about bearings or some shit, but they dont have em, which makes them poopy.
Some stock turbos are worn, but get it rebuilt. The HF i do believe has roller rockers and was discussed on honda-tech as being able to make more power then he y8 or z6 (head that is) b/c of the design. Want to read it.. click here]www.honda-tech.com]here and click 2nd forum, then "SOCH Revised blah blah" GREAT sohc info and talks a little bout the HF head.
The HF is a weak, low resistence motor with gutless internals. Great for fuel economy, boost will blow it. Not to mention that you will spend as much building this powder keg as you would doing a reliable B18B swap.
thnx guys for the link and the advice ....just so you know i am only putting this turbo on this mottor cause i could care less about blowing it this is gonna help me understand turbo setups better too..
BLACKJDMDEATH------- you are retarded on the title i wrote "stock hf" then you put "im guessing it's a stock HF" learn to read and stop trying to put me down for messing with the stock motor......
okay children now stop fighting.....now don't get that turbo and buy yourself a motor. why would you wanna turbo a HF. that's like turbocharging a lawnmower. just save the money for a swap. At least get a LS or B16 at the most.
Hey, have you seen this month's Honda Tuner Magazine? They spent $300 on parts (all listed in a nice organized way with prices and such). Bolted on a t-25 and intercooler from a 2nd Gen eclipse on a D15 motor and made 172hp AT THE WHEELS and 167ft/lbs of torque. Not bad for a stock crx motor and $300! You can't hardly find motor mounts for a B series swap for that price. Just thought you might wanna check that out. A little intelligence and time can be a good replacement for $CASH$

Oh yeah, this was at only about 6-7 lbs of boost, stock on a mitsubishi it puts out 12 so with a little motor work you could crank the boost up and make even more power
One other piece of advice before you get into this. Coming from someone who has destroyed these trannys like it was a fucking Olympic sport...The single synchro D series trannies can't take much. Also, I give that stock clutch a week under those conditions.