Putting The Car On A Diet

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not sure where to post this, but i think its relevant....

i got a 96 ex coupe, which weighs in @ around 2400? pounds.

WITHOUT putting lexan windows in, taking out either front seat
or dash or door panels....

is it possible to loose 400 pounds from the car?

im planning on putting carbon fiber hood, taking out the interior in my trunk, back seats (its a coupe)
and the spare tire....

anyone got any other suggestions?
You could chop the roof and turn it into a convertable. J/K

I kinda have the same question, I have a 99 coupe.

Also, what are lexan windows ?
Lexan is a clear polymer (is that right) like plexiglass that is much lighter than glass.
take out rear seat, any kind of paneling, rip out a/c

thats all i know of right now
remove a/c,
power steering,
rear speakers,
trunk carpet,
cross member brace underneath rear seat,
rear seat,
rear seatbelts,
rear deck,
complete carpet,
scrape sound deadening off of floor.
remove windshield washer reservoir.
remove front & rear bumper supports (NOT TOO SAFE FOR DAILY DRIVING)
carbon fiber hood
remove plastic linings inside of doors
remove dust shields behind brake rotors
remove wheel well liners
remove splash guard underneath front bumper
never drive around with more than 3-4 gallons of gas in the tank

And last but not least, SPEED HOLES!! :)
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Mar 22 2003, 07:45 PM
Lexan is a clear polymer (is that right) like plexiglass that is much lighter than glass.

yea. its used for the space shuttle's windows, and for lenses in lightweght prescription glasses. very scratch resistant too!

karnash...theres really no way to lose 400lbs or even 200lbs without removing major stuff like the dash, wheel liners, all interior, bumpers, etc..

[edited by rixxxceboy] i prolly should have read all the posts before posting :p
Probally. Also there are new waterbottles that are made out of lexan, they are extremly durible. You can chuck them at walls and nothing happens. It is basicly bullet proof glass.