Question About Cr

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whats up. i no that if ur going turbo its best to have low CR, but i was thinking about superchargering a b18c1. I no a friend of mine supercharged his typie and got great results...i was just thinking since a type r has high compression, what would be the highest compression ratio to run if i wanted to supercharge my engine( i plan to get new pistons) thanx
it all comes down to the tuning. there is a guy around here running a jrsc ITR engine in a del sol at 10 psi (i think it's ten.. i know its a different pulley than the one that came with the JR) and he had it tuned properly with a stage 4b hondata and hasn't encountered any problems...

on the other hand if you slap 10 psi onto a stock block with no fuel management system then you are going to fuck yourself
no not really
the difference is the CFM's at a given PSI

the JRSC pushes a max of 700CFM @ 15PSI