question about electric welders

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i got a question about electric welders. i saw some at sears the other day and was wondering if they would be any good. id think theyd be shit but a freind that was with me said there not too bad. is there any electric ones that are worth buyin?
buy a wire feed welder(mig) ive got a lincoln 170 mig(with argon gas)
I use it on anything from sheet metal to streetrod sub frames.
All welders are electric unless your talking about brazing but that's not good for car apps anyway. If you want a welder then you're going to want a MIG. arc welding sucks and Tig welding is complex and expensive although you can weld any metal there is. As was stated Lincoln makes a good welder and you definatly want to set it up for use with a sheilding gas aka Argon it keeps the welds from getting contaminated and splattering