Question About Zc And Integs

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ok... here's a rundown. i own a 90 integra LS... it has the stock B18A1 engine that it came with but... when i had someone rebuild it they forgot to put the new rings i bought in it. I didn't find this out until it started smoking like crazy and eventually 2 cylinders went kaputz.

With no money and 2 kids I had no way to fix it, or buy a new engine, or even have someone do the work.

i have been offered a ZC engine from a friend, and i know it's a total step down, but i just want the poor car to run again... i was told that it would fit. Now here's the deal, i have no idea what mods need to be done on my car, and... since my car is a manual tranny, and the ZC is from a car with an auto, i have no idea if it will work at all.

Can some of you help me out??

Thanks!! :)

Thre is not way it will fit, it does not bolt on, your transmission does not bolt on, some ZC where made for Civic/CRX, 88-91, and there are other ZC bit for Integra 86-89 only, not for 90-up, so don't even try it because it will not fit.
i was told this was a JDM engine for the 90-93 integras. i have no idea what i'm getting myself into. i just want my poor car to work :(
You hav a B18A1, there is no way that ZC will fit, they make those only up to 89 for Integras.
i m pretty sure the zc was in a few 2nd gen tegs.... the zc wont work with your tranny and i m not sure how or if the one you got would even work to mount in your car.... the zc is a d series and b18a1 is a b and they cant swich parts on them cuz they are not compatable.