Question for CRX HF/DX/SI hybrid Article

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I'm looking to do this swap over the summer. I don't have much information on it other than what the article supplies. I was wondering, has anyone here actually done it that could give some info on reliablity, engine life, etc. after performing the swap? Also, as far as the SI I.M. from a 4th gen CRX, does anyone know offhand what engine that comes off of? I just want to be sure what I'm buying before I get the parts. Tomorrow I'm probably gonna get the distributor and ecu off a 86 SI that my friend just blew a piston on. I know its not a 4th gen, but would this I.M. be sufficient for the swap also?
That distributor wont work, its completely different and I think its vacuum advance. The im might fit. Just get the one from an 88-91 crx si, or a civic ex, or si. Make sure you get the injector resistor box with injector plugs on them.
Alright, thanks jeff. Yeah, i forgot that its a swap for gen2 not gen1. I think i'll go w/ the same gen SI parts just to be 100% positive