Questions About B16a Sirii

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Ok i know this isnt a swap related question, but i trust the people in this forum to know what they are talking about more than the other forum's. #1 the car is a B16 SirII, 2000 SiR. It only has intake on it ( my friends car). He wanted me to post and ask u guys what u think the problem would b. cause i dont really deal with vtec. He says that his car sometimes kicks in bigtime with Vtec, and pushes him into his seat, but the majority of the time it just revv's alot better but not alot of power comes. Me being not stupid, i know the vtec is working b/c i hear the secondaries kick in and the vtec kick in. But since this is the only Vtec car ive been in i dont really know what to expect in the way of a push. He says in the last week or so its only really pushed hard twice. both times he was in second gear. I think he is taking it to a mechanic soon, but if u guys have any imput please let me know.
Are you in Canada or Japan?If not and he didn't import it then he has a b16a2 in a 99-00 si.What exactly is your question?Wondering why sometimes his motor feels stronger?Who knows,maybe it's colder outside or something.Maybe he's been abusing it and it's sick of it.Tune up?
Ok. ya its a 2000 SiR Civic, so i guess not SiRII. but no he doesnt abuse it to bad, keeps it under 8000:), umm its only got 22000km's and has already had 1 tuneup. umm the question was why do sometimes it has more pull than others. he thinks his Vtec isnt working properly, i dont know i just posted for him.
A USDM civic from 2000 is just an si not siR,but that is irrelevent.Maybe his solenoid is going bad or some of the internal workings are going out.Maybe he is using bad gas.
Make sure you have enough oil in the engine. Without enough oil pressure, the ECU will not allow the VTEC solenoid to engage.
Oil pressure generally is too--during turns, accelerating, decelerating, at all times a different amount of oil is being pumped throughout the engine..that's what I was thinking
Thanks guys ill have him check it. I know he takes great care of his car tho, 94 Octane, and such. but ill have him check the oil when i see him next.
well, first of all, there are no secondairies on a b16. only the gsr/h22 have secondaries in the intake manifold. when it switches to the high cam profile, it should make a kinda 'pop' sound into it... its very noticeable with an intake on a b16a.

factors for vtec to kick in:
if one of the following is not right, it will NOT go into vtec. its a safety feature

engine/water temp
oil pressure
tps sensor reading (ie, you need to be at more than like half throttle)
in a foward gear

there might be another im forgetting- but those are important.

so if the car isn't warmed up, if you are using too thin of an oil (*cough* 5w 30 mobil one POS syntheitic *cough*) you aren't ON the gas, or you are trying to go 50 in reverse, you shoudl be ok :p

otherwise, is it throwing any codes?