Questions For Next Project

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well i'm looking to buy a 92-95 si hatch and i have a couple of questions.

the car is just gonna be for delivering pizzas so it does not have to blaze down the track at 12 seconds, but i need a little speed at least, thats why i picked this platform. i would like to be able to at least keep up with or beat your average ricer set up. i just want to know what basic mods i should do.

I/H/E of course but what brands do you guys recommend?
i'd like an upgraded clutch and flywheel but nothing major, again what stage and brands?
maybe a 50 shot or so of nitrous for a little fun too, is that ZEX system any good? and how about the ZEX flywheel?
anything else?
and one more thing, is that hondata ecu tuning any good? (or worth it for me?) which of the setups would i use and how is it tuned?
the rest should just be brakes and suspension. maybe some stock sized powerstop drilled rotors and greenstuff pads. H&R springs and some decent shocks. a shunk2 or B&M short shifter. Maybe some nice sway bars, a bushing set(are these worth it?) and front and rear strut bars if the cash flow allows.
thanks for the help guys :worthy:


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that is ridiculous for a pizza delivery car. They are ran so hard that all your asking for is trouble. my friend, who has some of the nicest shit around, used to deliver pizzas. He used to roll in cash. His delivery car was like a 90 civic h/b with barely an exaust system and rims. It's not wise to put money in them, so much stop and go and constant city driving, they break. Get a beater and save your money for your real car.


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Lol, yeah you dont want Pizza smells in your baby. OT, but how much money do pizza delivery guys get? A lot?