questions on turboing a b18b

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i have a 1997 2dr coupe with a b18b thats built for a turbo. now im woundering what i have to do computer wise and wich kit would be the best.
Pay to get it tuned. Don't throw your money away by not tuning it. Bring it to a reputable shop and pay the money to have it done right. Don't buy any of that shitastic Ebay performance chip stuff, or use a tune that worked on your buddies car.

As for which kit/turbo, piece one together. There are thousands of threads all over the internet regarding types of turbos and which ones are better for different things. Research what you want to do with the car and your ultimate power goals, and then piece together your own turbo setup from there. Then get it tuned.

Did I mention that you should get it tuned? Just figured I would let you know that a tune was the most important part of any build.

Tune it.
i guess my biggest question is wich turbo like do i use a t4/t3, garette or what like i dont no what makes a turbo a good turbo. and also i dont no what turbo manifold i should use like do they make thaty big of a differnce.

p.s. as u can tell its my first time turboing a car lol
Best advice is to do a little research. Read how other people have turboed it, what people like and why, and just some general research. Trust me if you learn as much as you can before spending any money you can not only avoid wasting it, but you will get it done right the first time.