Quick question about mini-me swaps...

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and i just got a 93 dx hatch. I just need a quick listing of the esencial parts needed to bolt on a d16z6 head. Do i need intake manifold and fuel rail or can i use stock? From what car do i use the timing belt and water pump from? How much will this all total? Is there a good web-site where i can find all the parts i need?
Thanx M8's :worthy:
I just got doing this swap into a 93 Del Sol. I used the DX water pump and the ex/si timing belt. It would be best if you just use the whole top end off of the ex/si. There is a oil control jet that needs to be removed from the top of the block between the #2 and #3 cylinders towards the back of the block on top. For a little higer compression, use the 96 head gasket or you could just use the 92-95, but it is twice as thick. For an ecu you will want to use a p28. You will read some people will use an rpm activated switch and a relay. I woudn't recommend this due to the fact that you will not be getting the proper fuel curve during vtec. Check thepartstrader.com for the swap. If you have a local import shop, you may be able to pick one up rather cheap. I sold my old d16z6 (complete engine w/ header) to my friend with the Sol for $300.