Quick Questions regarding LS swap!!

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Ok i just got back home, got in my car and turned the key and the b18b fired up immediately. Runs perfectly and sounds perfect, despite having no exhaust. Here are the problems ive found so far-

Overheats. After a while of sitting, temp gauge goes way up. I turned it off when it got to 3/4. Coolant is full, and im 99% sure its the thermostat. The upper radiator hose is hella hot, the lower one is ice cold. Heat blows cold, and no coolant is flowing through the lower and heater hoses. Radiator fan does not come on either. Ive narrowed it down to either the thermostat or the water pump. Any ideas?

Tach doesnt work. I have no idea why, everything is connected.

My car is a 95 del sol, with a 2000 ls motor swap. I am running a ericks racing p06 ecu programmed for a ls motor, with an 8K redline and no speed limiter.

If you have any advice, please share it!! Hopefully i will be able to get it running perfect so i can take it to the track before it snows!!

Thanks everybody!
did you flush the radatior when you did it? Could have a shit load of crap in there (not likely but its possible). Give the thermostat a shot, $15 at a honda dealer (use oem honda thermostat, designed much better than the shitty ones at autozone.

Did you change the water pump and timing belt when you did the swap?
No i didnt change the water pump and timing belt...The motor only has 16,491 miles on it. There is no leakage from the water pump, I looked it over before i did the swap. It looked perfect, so i felt it was unnecessary to buy a new one. Same deal with the timing belt. Im thinking the thermostat may be stuck, because the integra was probably sitting in a junkard for a while. I will be buying one tomorrow. Thanks for the reply
When it over heats, does the car shake a lot, any smoke from the exhaust-err, where it should be...
Originally posted by Afipunk21@Dec 21 2002, 02:30 AM
When it over heats, does the car shake a lot, any smoke from the exhaust-err, where it should be...

It didnt shake a lot, no smoke from anywhere...just the temp gauge was reading pretty high. Im 99% sure its the thermostat, i will see tomorrow...
just another possibility ... you might have a shit load of air in the lines