quite possibly THE gheyest car EVER

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Speed Racer called : he wants his car back.
take away the horrible paint job,the bling blingy rims, and it wouldnt be that bad of a car IMO

he photoshoped the little lence flair on the ghey chromed out valve cover :unsure:
damn you can tell he spent alot of money in the paint job because the graphics goes inside the door jambs but i still dont care for the paint job or the rims either.
Originally posted by Import_Addiction@Nov 10 2002, 06:19 AM
sure it doesnt have much in the way of performance but i personally think it looks pretty slick

simply ban him.

hs needs to regulate yo
poor teg. that fucker should burn in hell for doing that to such a nice car.
it looks like he took off the stock header's heat sheild spray painted it blue, and that poweder coated fuse box cover has to be worht about 10 whp id say :lol:
but, i do kinda like the body kit, - the front.
i think that car is the representative for gay pride racing. he has the rainbow color on the white car. it's sad to see cars like that. :ghey: :tfg:
Originally posted by slowredhatch@Nov 10 2002, 11:44 PM
hey i know him he used to be in barley legal c.c. that icar has won a shit load of awards and dosnt run bad times at the track. not as good as most of the cars in the club but it keeps its own. here is their site http://barelylegalcc.com/

runs decent times with what???? hes got an ok exhaust a so so intake and a shitty headder... not to mention the heavy ass bling blingin 18's and the system in the back... show car??? yeah ok maybe... go car??? dont make me fuckin laugh... that thing probly runs high 16's at best
if that car is a show winner why in the hell do people vote for ghey cars