R.I.P. Sport compact car mag

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If you didn't know Turbo and Sport compact car magazines are dead. Not that I care about Turbo but SCC was about the only car mag I like. :( More technical than anything and no models on every page.
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i know! tell me about it, i got the slip in the mail a couple weeks ago. they're gonna finish my subscription with modified mag, which i've never really read
I didn't get the slip so I had no idea until I read the opening. So I guess I'll get a year of Modified... yay..
that sucks. i havne't read a SCC is a long time personally.

but, when Stuff ended, i got blender. talk about a shit magazine. lol
good thing my stuff sub was a freebie :)
Get maxim! Good mag.. If you don't mind going through the "tear out 9087986708967 adds, subscription cards and cologne fold outs" routine when it comes in.

Bah. Ok, it used to be a good mag. Now its 9 billion adds with 4 pages of content. Just like playboy. Go figure.
Damn I had a subscription to SCC in 02... why are they stopping?
I'm seeing a trend here.. I also used to subscribe.. 3 years worth I think. But the narrative never changed, the writing was all the same, all that changed were the cars.. and even those were on rotation.. How many stories can you do on civics, supras, etc.. Aparently as many as they did. Just got overly stale I think.
why not pick up project car ?

the latest issue they feature an evo3 kitted mirage sedan turbo :)
that blows...SCC was the first compact car mag i ever read and bought, its partially what got me started on my civic...it for sure will be missed
I do buy project car when it is out, but you can't subscribe to that yet. The last one I got was with the white S13. It also only come out every two months.
I've had SCC and Honda Tuning subscriptions. Know I'll pick up a Project or Import at the store if the cover catches my eye.
I've seen it on other forums where people are going on about how SCCM has ended, damn this economy!!!!!

Even where people were defending how great SCCM is, the other forum had the same thing in common as this one...

I HAD a subscription....

I will always push for people to put money into the things you love, if you really like a mag, buy it, if you really like food from a random food joint, buy it! cut back on the other things but not the stuff you really love, because, who knows, it might not be there when you once again have more play money.

In the case of SCCM... who cares, internet forums > > > > > car mags.
I stand in the bookstore and read Project Car every time I go in the book store. (about once or twice a month)

SCCM ? Not so much.
Project Car is the shit... I bought the one with the "junkyard turbo" setup on a crx vs the b16 swap ef hatch. Totally awesome issue. Havent read SCC but I have a bunch of old issues, always loved their sense of humour...