Race built d-series 5-speed transmission

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Hey everyone.

I'm selling my 5-speed d-series transmission.

It's a S40B000 transmission from a 1996-2000 Honda Civic Si/EX or Acura 1.6EL. It's been completely built for road racing. Here are the details:
- Quaife LSD
- MFactory 1.565 3rd gear
- stock 3rd gear moved to 4th
- ZC 5th gear
- Syncrotech Carbon Synchro rebuilt kit

Gear ratio setup:
1. 3.250 (stock)
2. 1.909 (stock)
3. 1.565 (MFactory)
4. 1.250 (stock 3rd as 4th)
5. 0.878 (ZC 5th gear)
Final Drive: 4.25 (stock)

Compared to stock:
1. 3.250
2. 1.909
3. 1.250
4. 0.909
5. 0.702
Final Drive: 4.25

The transmission was rebuilt at the end of 2016 and only taken to the track once in 2017. It has extremely little kilometres on it since being built.

Parts alone are worth over $2000, not including the labour to build it. I have all the electronic receipts to prove dates of purchase for the parts.

Here's a video of the transmission in action: NA built d16z6 chasing down and passing a Honda Integra (RSX Type-S).

Asking $1600.00.

Please contact me via PM