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Is there any decent PC games for tuning and racing import cars? On Xbox there is Sega GT 2002, but that's not completely import. I'm looking for something like the Nitto game.
not that i know of. the only thing that is kinda good but doesnt have much for imports is need for speed 5. hot pursuit.
there is a game on ps2 called like tokoyo midnight racing or something its pretty sweet.. it has no name cars but they resemble real cars ... if you really need the name pm me about it
Yeah, I was playing that last Saturday on a friend's PS2. I want a game like the concept of Modifiers. You can put in actual engine components and suspension mods.
yea, u know what...i think that game deserves its own topic!

it says it will be out winter 2002! bring it on! :)
you guys gotta rent or buy Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. i just bought it yesterday and its freaking amazing. no jap cars but whatever.
the greatest of all racing games is the gran turismo series. it is not an exclusively import game but it is the truest to life racing game ever made..hands down