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GRAND JUNCTION — An outcropping of rock in the Colorado National Monument may have helped save the life of a man whose van came within a few feet of plunging into a canyon.

Authorities say the 34-year-old man drove some 120 feet off Rim Rock Drive in an apparent suicide attempt at about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, but he called 911 after the van became stuck on the rock overhang.

His van careened into Red Canyon onto a rock overhang about six miles from the east entrance. Officials at the scene said if the van had missed the overhang by 10 feet, it would have plummeted the entire 300 feet to the bottom of the canyon.

“This was definitely not an accident,” Park superintendent Joan Anzelmo said. “We feel strongly that he intentionally drove himself off Rimrock Drive.”

More than two dozen members of the Grand Junction Fire Department and Mesa County Search and Rescue secured the teetering van, then lifted the man to safety. He was trapped for about two hours before being airlifted to St. Mary's Hospital at about 6:30 p.m.

Anzelmo said "it is but for the grace of God or a higher power" that the man survived.

His name was not released.


If I drove a van like that, I'd probably try to kill myself too.

That, or put a sign that said 'FREE CANDY' on the side of it.

maybe it was the same dude that crashed his mugen civic.
if so, it probably was an accident.
How the hell did he get stuck like that? Where did he come from? This guy sucks at life--he can't even kill himself right.
You've got to wonder what goes through those peoples heads. They suck at everything, they fail at everything, they are miserable with life and give up. Then they fucking fail at suicide. I'm curious if they just sit there and burst into outright laughter.