real or rice??? "team hybrid" accord on HAG

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first i was wondering why a team hybrid member would bother putting his car on a gallery site (no offense)...then i read some of the posts and well,

i wanna know the truth!!

that's the most gheyest car I've ever scene.
the interior looks like I got drunk and pucked up my insides
I'm hella :ghey: I pretend my car is a standard.
people who do shit like that should be dragged out into the streets and shot.
If you just look under the hood and ignore the rest of the car it is pretty nice. The rest of the car is beyond rice. I don't care how fast that car is, that look is just dumb. My cat has :puke: hairballs that look better.
not my style.. but to each their own.. and did you know that you spell nastiest with a z like this "Naztiest" its in one of the posts.
anyone know if that is really a team hybrid car? i mean team hybrid has pretty strict standards, and i cant see a member posting his car at a gallery site.
im the numbah one stunnnnnah.
that shit is tight, yo.

hEH. it looks good.. underneath the hood, at least!