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ok, i have heard a lot of claims about how much a swap costs. I will probably not do it myself. Even though i have done swaps before,(91 Camaro RS and 66 Oldsmobile starfire) i have no experience with imports.

I have a friend that can get a deal on a GSR motor for 750$

what other things will i need to find to get the engine in the car?

What do these things cost?

should i trust one of the local speedline/fastlane shops to do the swap?

i need transportation, so like once i sell the culass i need to have this stuff done QUICK, so i need it to be as hassle free as possible. Anything you could do to steer me around trouble would be great.

and be honest as possible. i would hate to get the car and motor just to run out of cash and not be able to put it in.
oops, the car i am selling will net me about 4g, and i don't have a car. I am looking at high milage cars and cars with bad tranny or engines. I have found several under 2 grand, and i have only looked ONCE, so i am confident that i will eventually find one for the DIRT! I plan on a 92, stripper model that is gonna be hella light, but still look nice. I like the 91 body style, with the Mugen style type r kit, but i have heard that because of OBD shit, the GSR is a harder (more expensive) swap.
if its a 5th gen Civic the B18C1 will drop right in you will need to run wires for the secondaries and if you get a 92 it will be pre-wired for VTEC... if the GSR motor your friend can get you is a full swap (engine tranny ecu axles mounts etc) and as long as it is OBD-1 (94-95) you will be able to drop it in plug it in run the wires for the secondaries and your pretty much done
Originally posted by ipeeonrice@Dec 22 2002, 06:24 PM
I have a friend that can get a deal on a GSR motor for 750$ ...and be honest as possible.

Not to burst you bubble but that engine is 99% likely to be stolen for that price. A normal legal gsr engine is going to cost you 2500-3500.

But you will also need shift linkages
i know the system a little too well, and as long as it is maintained by the seller that the engine is of legal origin, i will be legally safe.
so i want and earlier obd1 gsr motor for mt 92? whats withe the generations? I know what it refers to but what years are which generation?

How fast can you spin a B18 before it grenades?
shit, a gsr shortblock for 750 isn't a bad price.... and a long block at that price isn't too far fetched either... who knows what shape its in, or who he got it from that just had it lying around.

with just a motor you need tons of stuff though...

1. Engine
2. Transmission

3. Shift Linkage
4. ECU
5. Wiring Harness
6. All brackets and engine mounts
7. Starter
8. Alternator
9. Distributor
10. Throttle cable
11. Down pipe
12. Exhaust Manifold
13. Intake
14. All belts and hoses

and that adds up fast.