rear disk brakes

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I want to do an integra rear disk brake swap on my 93 civic ex. What parts do i need and is the swap hard? Is it worth doing the swap?


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Make sure you get the proportioning valve or your front brakes will engage before your rear....


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swap is not hard at all. all u need are the rear hubs off of an integra and just swap them onto your ex trailing arms.

you dont need the prop valve but its a good idea to get it.

by the way i just did this myself and think the brakes are much improved over the drums but many people will debate that.


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The only benifit from drums is they weigh less. I you have aftermarket rims, it is a good idea to boost your braking. plus discs look better. I did this swap. I used the entire trailing arm and everything attached to it. such as brake lines, cables for e brakes. i didn't switch the proportioning valve i don't have a problem, but i havn't driven in the snow yet.