rear disk conversion

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I bought a rear disk swap on ebay. Had it powder coated, poly bushings and installed. When I went to put on the rim the lug pattern is off. I need a 4 x 100 and its a 4 x 114.3. The car is a 95 del Sol. The swap said JDM rear conversion.

So a new hub is needed. Which one do I get? Integra or Civic?

My concerns are spindle to bearing size. Length of spindle to hub and location of hub mounting flange for brake alignment.

Anyone run into this or know where I can get come technical specs.
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sounds like you got a 96-spec ITR rear-disc swap.
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sell it and buy the right one
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It is mounted an looks fine to the eye, are you saying that I cannot swap just the hub?
I have machining sources and will have it duplicated with the correct lug pattern if necessary......
just buy some new wheels and get a pair with the 4x114 and a pair of 4x100.... it will probably be cheaper in the long run and save you a big headache


Yea, you got an ITR four lug swap. If you do get new hubs, you can use any non ITR USDM Integra, or 88-98 Civic (note, this is for the whole hub, and spindle, if you are just replacing the bearing and hub, there may be a difference in the bearing size, maybe, not 100% on all models).
That is exactly what I am worried about. Additionaly there could be caliper disk issues.

This is a project car that my son and I are doing. It started 18 months ago. We pulled the entire suspension and had it powder coated black. The bottom of the car has been sand blasted and 2 coats of chassis saver applied. The engine bay has a fresh black paint job. Brake booster and master cylinder upgraded along with the proportioning valve. New SSR Comp rims (4 x 100 and not available in 4 x 114.3)

Just about every bracket in the engine bay has been powder coated. Most of the screws are replaced with S.S. Soc. Hd. Cap Srews.

The best is the engine, B18C1 stripped and cleaned. The outside was media blasted with glass beads. Internally it had Golden Eagle HD sleeves. Endyn FI roller Wave pistons (84mm bore) Eagle rods, honda bearings. The block had the oil passages reworked, crankbore hone, deck faced and finish honed cylinders. New ITR oil pump was ported. Harmonic balancer replaced with a Fluidampr race series.

The head has been ported and polished. Valves are .5mm over sized S.S. and black nitride coated. Combustion cambers reworked. Endyn springs with titanium retainers. STR cam gears. Endyn carbon fiber intake manifold. (2) breather kits.

Thats it so far still thousands away from completion but its been a blasts. We can not wait to light the fire!

So If the RR disk needs some reworking and customizing. We are okay with that, just need to find the spec's. I have great bearing sources and can get bearing replacements. Perhaps the best route will be to buy a set of ingegra hubs and compare them to the current ones. Then customize from there.
Sounds like a beast!

Post up pics later on, I'm sure everyone would love to check it out.

but ya, sounds like you have some custom work ahead of you to make it all fit.